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Jutte - The Iron Cudgel

Juttes were one of the main weapons used by the samurai who acted as police officers (or doshin) in Japan's feudal times.

While the jutte was basically an iron cudgel or a bludgeon, it often was modified so it could be used for more than just striking people. (It is interesting to note that similar ancient "night sticks" or clubs were in use in England as well other European countries at the time.)

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One modification of the jutte was based upon its predecessor, the hachiwari, another battle-field weapon of employed by the bushi or samurai in a slightly earlier era.

A fork-like attachment was embedded in the handle end of the jutte. The fork end enabled the user to trap and often break sharp-edged weapons of an opponent. Thus, it could be used by the law-enforcers to disarm a criminal before arresting him.

Of course, the jutte, along with knocking open a few heads and breaking a few arms, could be effectively used to block or parry the attack of the enemy.

As with many things in Japan - a certain status became associated with the jutte. Over time, the low-grade samurai called doshin started sporting the jutte, proudly, as a symbol of their official rank.

With further modifications, several other weapons, such as the sai, were also designed based on the jutte. In this case, the sai was a three-pronged weapon with a long middle prong surrounded by two shorter projections.

Again, these additional weapons along with the jutte were mainly designed for use by the law-enforcing samurai to disarm suspects. And to force them into submission, rather than with the intention of bloodshed, as would be the case of weapons on the battlefield.

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News About Samurai and Police

CBS Local

Police: Man Brandishing Samurai Sword In Custody After Standoff
CBS Local
PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Authorities say a man is in custody after he threatened his parents and police with a samurai sword during a standoff with officers at his Philadelphia home. Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan tells the 40-year-old man ...
Police: Man brandishing sword in custody after standoffClay Center Dispatch

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Samurai swordsman charged with assault, threats against parents
The samurai swordsman who sparked an hourlong police standoff at his Juniata Park house on Thursday had threatened to chop up his parents, Philadelphia police said. Ivan Encarnacion, 40, was charged Friday with three counts each of aggravated assault ...
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Daily Mail

Coventry police restrain man wielding a 'samurai sword' in city centre
Daily Mail
Terrified shoppers told yesterday how they fled a busy city centre after a half-naked man tried to 'gut himself' with a samurai sword. Police and paramedics were called to Coventry at around 12pm after to reports of a man who was believed to have ...
Coventry 'samurai sword' incident: Shoppers left horrified after man covered in blood wields weapon in packed city
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Police Arrest Man Wielding Samurai Sword
The Vineyard Gazette - Martha's Vineyard News
West Tisbury police arrested a man wielding a 38-inch Samurai sword Monday evening at a home on Oak Knoll Road. Jacob Bassett, 42, of Edgartown, was arrested without incident, police said. Police were called to the residence at about 10 p.m..

'Kill Bill' samurai sword yob threw concrete slab through police station window sparking terror alert
A thug wielding a samurai sword sparked a terror alert after hurling a concrete slab through the window of a police station. Mark Oxton has been jailed for 22 months over the terrifying incident. His alarming attack narrowly missed the heads of ...

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Brighton and Hove News

Samurai sword attacker sought by Brighton police
Brighton and Hove News
A second appeal for information for the whereabouts of a violent offender has been launched by Brighton police this afternoon. Clark Walker, 30, is wanted on recall to prison for allegedly breaching the terms of his prison licence. He is white, 5ft 8in ...

Two samurai schooled for botched hit-and-run
The Phnom Penh Post
They drew near, knocking the victim to the ground, one drawing the sword on him while the other attempted to pinch his moto. Fortunately, police were on hand to intervene, apprehending the twosome and carting them off to Daun Penh district police ...

Swordsman in custody after police standoff
Philadelphia police peacefully negotiated the surrender of a man who threatened his parents, and later police, with a samurai sword at his Juniata Park house Thursday, and who then ran back into his house alone, authorities said. Chief Inspector Joseph ...

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Fiji Times

Police wins Samurai 7s
Fiji Times
POLICE White took top honours at the Samurai Fiji Barracudas 7s defeating Setefano Cakau's Tabadamu 2 19-14 in the final on Saturday. The law enforcement team had ousted their counterparts Police Blue in the semi-final 14-5 and faced local series ...

Salt Lake Tribune

Mother of man shot by police appeals forced-settlement order
Washington Times
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The mother of a black man who was shot and killed by police while holding a samurai sword gave notice Wednesday that she'll appeal a judge's order forcing her to accept a $900,000 settlement in a lawsuit over his death. Susan Hunt ...
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