Antique Swords

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Anyone who is fascinated with world history or is a fantasy fiction fanatic is most likely to be intrigued by swords. Collecting swords have become a rewarding hobby for many people; especially if they are collecting antique swords.

Antique swords collection is a fascinating hobby. There are many types of swords from various cultures. The sword history is over a thousand years old so one can imagine the vast variety of swords that we have in our history.

Swords especially the war swords and the display swords do not have much utility in modern times, although, many sword enthusiasts long to have antique swords in their collection.

An antique sword is without doubt, very expensive. Therefore many sword collectors prefer collecting replicas of these rare swords. These swords are quite inexpensive as compared to an antique sword. Also you get a fairly good quality and almost the exact replica of and antique sword.

A sword collector can collect either historic swords or fantasy swords. If you are an historic sword collector then you will have a wide range of rare swords. There are many swords which represent different historic periods.

However, the most popular period is the Medieval Age which had long or broad swords. Another popular category for sword collectors is the Japanese swords especially the samurai or the katana swords.

These swords are perfect examples of rare and antique swords. They have an excellent make which could fascinate any sword enthusiast or a lay man, alike.

However, the replicas of these antique swords are widely available today. So you need to make sure if you want to spend a lot of money and purchase an antique sword or you donít mind settling for a replica for much lesser cost.

But for the collectors of rare and antique swords, money is never a concern as they prefer authenticity over mere replication.

There are well made replicas that could be a wonderful addition to any sword enthusiastís collection. But if you were looking to purchase an antique sword but were ripped off by buying a replica instead, it could be very disappointing.

If you collect antique swords then maintaining them is a major responsibility. It's advised to keep an antique sword in a display case protecting it from humidity and extreme temperatures. However, this option is quite expensive, but if the area where you live is not humid then there is no harm in displaying them on the walls.

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