Battle Ready Swords

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Battle ready swords also known as functional swords are considered to be the best swords for sword collectors and practitioners of sword arts, alike. An authentic battle ready sword is made of high-carbon steel. However, most of these swords available today are of poor quality and it is a big irony that they are named so.

The quality of a battle ready sword depends on the craftsmanship and the materials used in its making. If you’ve decided to purchase one of these swords, you must have good knowledge about them so that you can get the best out of the fake swords that are available in abundance.

Factors to consider before purchasing an authentic battle ready sword:

* Quality of steel: A good quality battle ready sword is made of properly treated high carbon steel. This steel is strong enough to withstand the impact of strong strokes. Never choose a stainless steel sword as they tend to get brittle with length over 12 inches. So if you want a functional sword, then stainless steel blades are not the best choice.

* Handle or tang: Secondly, always consider the sword’s handle or tang (a piece of metal used to attach the sword with the handle). Authentic battle ready swords have a “full tang”, which means that the connecting metal is been forged as part of the sword and not nailed on later.

* Weight and balance: If you are looking for a functional sword, then the overall weight is very essential. It is commonly believed that heavy swords are good swords; however, it is not true. In ancient times, warriors used to use light weight swords which gave them agility in striking powerful blows as well as they were well balanced. So buy swords which are not more than 3 lbs.

It difficult to determine these factors by a mere look at these swords, therefore you must have good knowledge on battle ready swords or functional swords. It’s always better to ask the seller about its make, what kind of steel is used, how was it treated, what kind of tang it has and its weight before purchasing the sword.

If you don’t want to end up with “fake” battle ready swords, then consider all these factors before purchasing them, or else you will have a sword that will break into two halves even if you swing it in the air or try to hack a roll of paper.

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