Black Ninja Sword

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The black ninja sword is a fighting sword created by using high technology and used by samurai in the year 3000 AD. This sword was used by distinguished sword masters. They used a secretive and a rare form of physics while designing this sword.

The blade of a black ninja sword is very strong and is practically indestructible. It could cut through almost any material except another sword of its kind. The blades are charged by high energy ionized plasma. The length of their blades is about 26 inches and the overall length of the sword is about 36 inches.

Black ninja swords have the same features as a traditional ninja sword. The have straight blades but are black in color, have square solid copper guards. Each swing of this sword is silent and stealthy as they do not have blood groves. They are short just like a ninja sword.

Black ninja swords look very elegant with an all-black appearance. They have black hardwood handles, full tang blade and they also come with a black lacquered scabbard.

These are usually fully functional swords so they have sharp edges. They need to be handled very carefully. They make great practice swords but needs to be handled carefully, especially by a novice. They also look great when displayed and enhance your décor.

Black ninja swords are also known as wakizashi, which is a short sword used by the ninjas. They are fitted with a katana length handle so that they can easily slip into a katana scabbard.

The ability of a black ninja sword is no different than a ninjato. These swords were used by ninjas to deceive the opponents by misguiding them about the size of their swords.

Ninjas used these swords for stabbing and killing the opponent with a quick stroke. The short length of the swords gave them the much needed agility for the stealthy warfare strategies. They used quick strokes to stab their opponents as ninjas usually didn’t have the time to indulge in extensive sword fights, unlike the samurais.

These types of swords were very specific to the ninjas. They shielded their identity by placing then in a katana scabbard. The handle of these swords lock into the scabbard and can be released only with a push of a secretive button.

If sword enthusiasts want to add a black ninja sword to their collection, then they need to be very certain about its forging. This is a rare piece which is not manufactured in abundance.

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