Dragon Sword

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A dragon sword is one of the most artistic swords of the medieval times. An original dragon sword was a very powerful weapon. It was believed by the medieval people that this sword can cut a dragon into pieces. Even though this sword is quite enticing it was considered one of most solid weapons which were used to fight deadly invaders.

A dragon sword is a nice-looking weapon which is perfect for display. However, you need to make sure about their authenticity before spending huge amount of money on them.

Unlike a Samurai sword, this sword was not restricted for use in a particular community. It could be used by any community in the medieval times. There were many types of dragon swords. Each dragon sword had unique characteristics depending on the fighting style of the owner. Their characteristics included cutting, slashing, piercing and stabbing.

It is also said that many types of dragon swords were used in the same community.

How do they look like?

A dragon sword has an image of a dragon inscribed on the edges, curves, blades or hilts. The grip or the handle of a decorative dragon sword can have an elaborate sculpted dragon image making it look very attractive.

Today, a dragon sword is available in different shapes, sizes and colors. It has different length of blades and also different shapes of its hilt or head.

Types of dragon swords

* Ninja and samurai dragon swords: As the name suggest, these swords were used by the ninjas and the samurais in combats. The samurais used much stronger and sharper dragon swords. They were single-edged and curved and made of heavy cavalry.

On the other hand, dragon swords used by Ninjas were straight which were used in quick and sudden stabs. They were not very efficient in slashing and cutting.

* Frosty and Fiery dragon swords: A frosty dragon sword is very impressive. They have a dragon mouth designed on its head. It only comes in gold.

Fiery dragon swords have a rich look with their flaming blades and they have only two twisted filaments which made them quite unique.

Frosty and Fiery dragon swords are commonly used in drams, plays and road shows because they are quite unique and attractive.

Ninja dragon swords are seen in the popular video game; “Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword”.

There are all kinds of fantasies associated to dragon swords therefore they are a popular choice for displays by sword enthusiasts.

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