Roman Sword

A Roman Sword is called a Gladius which is a Latin word for a sword. These swords are amazing and the most beautiful of all swords. People simply crave to hold one of these even if it’s for few minutes.

Roman swords used high quality material therefore these swords were one of the most recognized swords of any culture. The toughness of the Roman Sword combine with the valor of the warriors made the most successful military reigns of all time.

The Romans adopted various techniques in sword making by various cultures like the Spanish, Celts and Greek. Due to constant improvisations made to their swords, the Romans had different styles and makes for each warfare strategy.

There are different shapes and sizes of a Roman Sword. The warriors used a shorter sword (Pompeii Gladius) to fight in the mountainous regions. These swords were also known as “the sword that conquered the world” and one of the most easily recognized swords. These swords were perfect to be used against the enemies with longer swords and knifes.

The Roman soldier would just stepped forward in the enemies guard and make agile movements with the sword in any direction. They would cut and thrust and kill their enemies in close proximity. These swords had immense slashing abilities.

However, a Roman cavalry or charioteers used a much longer sword (Gladius Hispaniensis) to be able to fight from an elevated position.

Gladius or the Roman Sword was used by Gladiators, who were slaves of the emperor. They fought until death in a game with animals or other gladiators. This game was called ‘ludus’, it was played as a part of a funeral celebration in honor of a warrior.

A Roman Sword is a double-edged sword which has a tapering point used for stabbing during thrusting. It has a solid grip because of the knobbed hilt, with ridges for the fingers. The hilt was often ornate, especially the ones of the high ranking dignitaries and officers.

The blade is very strong because it was made by welding strips of steel together. This created a channel down the center. The blade of a Roman Sword was also made by a single piece of high carbon steel, with unequal adjacent sides. The name of the owner was often engraved on the blade.

The Roman Swords are not very easy to collect as authentic swords are quite scarce. A true sword enthusiast would love to have one of these in their collection. They truly enhance the collection.