Samurai Sword

A samurai sword is one of the most popular Japanese swords of all time. It is also known as a Katana. It is a long, sleek, curved and a single-edged sword which is so sharp that it can cut anything with just a single stroke.

It is a legendary sword which is related to ancient Japanese civilization. It is said that only a samurai could behold a samurai sword. Anyone else seen with this sword was killed on the spot.


The samurai sword history goes back to the Kamakura (1192 to 1336) and the Muromachi (1337 to 1573) periods. These were the golden age of the samurai sword history.

A samurai considered the sword as a part of their soul. They would not use their sword unless it is the last resort. They never misused their sword by harming innocent being. This sword was used only for their defense that too in dire circumstances.

The samurai swords made in this golden era were one of the finest warfare swords which had exquisite design and ability. However, after the golden era, Japan came into a phase where the swords were replaced by guns.

All the wars were fought using guns and caused a great deal of destruction. Finally when the wars were over, the great shogun Hideyoshi reintroduced the samurai sword history.

The blades made in these peaceful times where called Shinto (which literally means “new sword”). However, the samurai sword created during these times was much more elaborate and decorative than practical.

Thereafter, a rapidly growing modernization in Japan, severely affected the sword smiths. They were put out of business as the samurais were asked to give up carrying swords. The Japanese army was now armed with western style cavalry swords.

Modern samurai swords

Since the end of World War II many sword smiths came together to recreate the samurai sword. They attempted to recreate these swords by forging the techniques used throughout the samurai sword history.

In the recent years, we can find affordable and functional replicas of a samurai sword which forges the basic technique of making samurai swords. These swords have great demand in the western market. Today, we can find the modern version of Katana all over the world

Nowadays, the modern Katana are created with a logical aspect instead of using the traditional techniques of the samurai swords. These swords use modern methods and are in great demand by sword enthusiasts throughout the world.