Samurai Swords

Samurai swords hold a great importance in the Japanese history of swords. These swords are very legendary therefore sword enthusiasts all over the world are always looking to possess a samurai sword in their collection.

A modern day forged samurai swords are miles apart from the antique one, however, they are quite practical and definitely have a incredible make which appeal to a lot of sword collectors.

What are the basics that one should know while picking up authentic samurai swords?

If you are a sword enthusiast, then it is important to have the basic knowledge about the construction, terminology and history of the swords. There are a lot of replicas and unauthentic swords floating in the market today. You need to be very careful before purchasing a samurai sword.

Before purchasing samurai swords you need to make sure about few things:

* Why do you need this sword? Do you need it for decoration, practicing purposes or is it going to be a functional sword?

* What’s your budget? An authentic Samurai sword can be nothing less than $1000, but you can still get reasonably close to authentic swords in terms of functionality, appearance and handling in about $300 or more.

* Do you know enough about the history of Japanese swords?

Decorative Swords

If you need a sword for decoration or “wall hangers” as they are commonly known, then you will get a stainless steel sword, which is typically a thin steel rod welded to a blade. These are not at all functional as they tend to bend or break inside the handle when you swing them. However, you can still find very attractive and real decorative sword if you have the right knowledge and patience to look for it.

Functional Swords

These swords are usually sharp enough to cut things. They are basically forged from properly heat treated high carbon steel. You can find such swords between the ranges of $200-$700; anything lower than $200 is most likely a decorative sword.

Practice Swords

These swords give you the weight and feel of a samurai sword but they are not as sharp. You can either buy a bokken (wooden sword) or an Iaido (an unsharpened steel sword). An inexpensive bokken is pretty much fine for a beginner. After mastering with the bokken, you can consider buying an Iaido sword.

There is no way that you can find an authentic samurai sword even with a budget of $1000. But for a sword collector, forged samurai swords are a good enough investment, given the knowledge you have about Japanese swords and their history.