Anime Sword

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Animation in Japan is referred to as Anime. It started way back in 1917. Anime along with manga; Japanese comics, is very popular in Japan. The characters used in Anime are extremely artistic. It is commonly referred to as an art form.

The Anime-Manga combination is getting very popular in the rest of the world lately. Their unreal characters with large physical attributes and unusual dialogues are gathering an enormous fan base all over the globe.

The presence of collectibles including swords has grown greatly in Anime because of its international acclaims.

The most popular Anime sword is the Bleach sword. Bleach is an epic-series which features numerous sword-wielding characters like the protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki.

Ichigo�s weapon is known as �Zangetsu�. It is a Zanpakuto weapon or a �soul-cutting� sword. It is well-liked all over the world; especially among children.

The Anime Sword has become a favorite amongst collectors of cartoon swords; and the most popular among them is from Bleach. As this series gained acceptance internationally, replicas of the swords of these characters began to be manufactured and sold to the Anime sword enthusiasts.

Another popular Anime sword is also from the Bleach series, the Toushiro Hitsugaya�s weapon. It is one of the important characters in the series. These Anime swords are widely purchased. They are the most acclaimed Anime collectibles.

The Bleach replica swords can be found in two different styles. One comes in a leather-wrapped handle, but these are not that common. The more popular one is with a beautiful burgundy cord wrap around the handle. This Anime sword measures 26.75 inches in length and it is made of 420-stainless steel. It is factory sharpened with visible machine folds along the edge.

Searching for these Anime swords online can be a bit of a task as they are listed under different names such as plum tree sword, Hinamori Momo katana, Soul Reaper sword, burgundy Anime katana, etc.

But if you are an ardent fan of the Bleach series then you would know exactly what these names mean.

Other additional anime swords are Dragonball Z�s Trunk sword, InuYasha�s Tetsusaiga, Naruto�s Zabuza sword and Rurouni Kenshin�s reverse blade Sakabato.

For Ninja Gaiden fans, the Ninja katana is a popular choice among Anime sword collectors. It is a 42 inch katana which is weapon of the main character Ryu Hayabusa in the Ninja Gaiden game. This sword represents victory and revenge.

Though these swords are popular among children, it is advised that the children should not play with these swords without adult supervision.

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